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Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon

Our baby completed a half marathon at 6 weeks!

I was a little nervous, being new to this whole pregnancy thing. I had no idea if it was safe to be running, particularly that far, while pregnant. I started trying to come up with ideas that I could use to tell my family why I couldn’t run the half that I had signed up for months before. We’re not a family of quitters so there’s no way I could have told them I just couldn’t do it. And I’m really bad at faking sick.

Luckily internet research told us that a lady had run a marathon while 9 months pregnant! The whole thing, I couldn’t even imagine.

The half marathon went well and I’m ecstatic to say that I finished and would probably do it again. I did see a sign along the way that made me smile – apparently a lady named Patricia was running for two 🙂

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Another family trait perhaps. The self-help book section of the bookstore is really more like home away from home. Heading over to the parenting section was like going to visit a good neighbor. Except we might stay awhile. So perhaps it’s more like staying with your in-laws. All the elements are there, but the routine is different and you can’t really do what you want anymore.

We did find some good books though. I’ve discovered that I am much more terrified about my parenting ability than my ability to actually have a baby. If I do nothing for 9 months, the baby will still get here whether we’re ready or not. But parenting? If I don’t have some idea what I’m doing or what I’m trying to do, that’s going to be a long 18 years for all of us.

I was pretty happy when I found the book Becoming the Parent You Want to BeWe also picked up What to Expect When You’re Expecting and Becoming a Dad. Nathan was happy about that one because it covers three years and it’s short 🙂


This promises to be an interesting journey.


Father’s Day 2013

Happy Father’s Day, Nathan 🙂

We're pregnant!

I’ve always been a little paranoid about getting pregnant. Fertility kind of runs in the family. I don’t know how many times my mom recounted “Of course we wanted you, we just had you a little sooner than we planned.” So I’ve never been disillusioned into thinking pregnancy wasn’t always a possibility. Sex = Pregnant, Birth Control = probably not pregnant.

This lead to my paranoia which manifested itself in ways such as looking up early signs of pregnancy the day before I was supposed to get my period, convincing myself I must be pregnant and going so far as to take a pregnancy test ‘just to be sure.’ The irony being that after I took my test I would notice I had already started bleeding.

Nathan found this quite comical.

This time around was different. I wasn’t even aware I was supposed to have gotten my period already. By the time I thought that it should be coming soon, it was already four days late. I probably should have noticed something, even earlier that week I was starving all the time, and felt quite a bit more tired than usual. I think it was towards the weekend when the breast tenderness kicked in and I was pretty sure I should have gotten my period already when I thought something might be up. So on Sunday I took the test ‘just in case.’

This time I was actually pregnant. Happy Father’s Day!